San Francisco Anti-War Demonstration, March 15, 2003

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Waiter, there's a WAR in my soup!
Emergency potluck to stop the war, San Francisco, March 15
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   At 7:15 AM, six young men wearing orange vests and hard hats swiped from a construction crew dashed onto the Eighth Street off-ramp from Highway 101. They plunked down 13 orange cones, three men-at-work signs, and lit five flares. The whole operation took 90 seconds, then they ran off on Eighth Street. ...


   The driver of a blue Cadillac Escalade, having threaded through the off-and-on commute, finally snapped after being blocked in by demonstrators near Kearney and Market streets.
   "Traitors! Traitors!" he yelled. Then he noticed that 25 riot-clad cops were taking a break across the street in front of 765 Market St., and turned his wrath their way.
   "You lazy pigs, get off your rears and arrest these people," he screamed. "No wonder you guys are all indicted. You're lazy."

San Francisco Chronicle
, March 21, 2003