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  Roger Lippman's Home Page 

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Terrasol: Solar Energy in Nicaragua
Kosovo: Balkan Witness
Energy Issues
September 11

Articles by Roger:

The Prius Strategy: How to Displace Iraqi Oil with Energy Efficiency
Iraq and the New York Times
WTO and the Police
The Kosovo Conflict

Letter to Reed College
Renewable Energy in Cuba
Looking Back on the Seattle Conspiracy Trial
Wiretap Lawsuit: Lippman v. Mitchell
Walt Crowley's book Seattle in the Sixties
Alcohol Fuels for Automotive Engines

Black Duck Motors

Photo album

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The sun sets early on the American century The "American Century" only began 60 years ago. But it seems already to be over, with the disaster of Iraq forcing some of the United States ruling elites to realize that its hegemony has been severely weakened.